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Business city classification
  • Evoke SFD Doll
    68cm Doll
    60-62cm Doll
    1/3 Doll
    1/4 Doll
  • Evoke SFD Body
    68cm Body
    60-62cm Body
    1/3 Body
    1/4 Body
    1/6 Body
  • Evoke Head
    1/3 Head
    1/4 Head
  • Additional services
  • Clothes
    68cm SFD Clothes
    62cm SFD Clothes
    1/3 SFD Clothes
    1/4 SFD Clothes
  • Wigs
    1/3 Wigs
    1/4 Wigs
Doll display
Abyss 1/4 40cm SFD
型号: 40cm (M)胸 SFD
Alu 1/3 58cm SFD
型号: 58cm (L)胸 SFD
Ariel chenongsam 1/3 62cm SFD (SOLD OUT)
型号: 62cm (L)胸 SFD
Cassie 1/3 58cm  SFD (SOLD OUT)
型号: 58cm (M)胸 SFD
Fox girl Lanxi 1/4 SFD
型号: 40cm (M)胸 SFD
Fox gril Lanzhi 1/4 SFD
型号: 40cm (M)胸 SFD
Jamie 1/3 SFD

No matter when it is full of vitality, young girls who never give up easily, work hard today.

Vieruo 1/3 SFD
58cm (M)

Willing to make friends with me, not good at social networking, even the elves are troubled.o(╥﹏╥)o

Halo 1/4 SFD

No matter what the weather is, you must keep exercising. Do you want to join me?(*^▽^*)
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